Personalised™ is a bespoke, luxurious, personal identity. This original design concept reflects clients’ ever increasing demands for luxury that is truly individual. Multifaceted and perceptive, Personalised™ adds a unique dimension to interiors and exteriors and conveys a special meaning to any occasion.

Personalised™ Professional adds extra meaning and value to any project.

“Anything one man can imagine, other men can make real.” - Jules Verne

Personalised™ Professional

Our professional service supports a wide range of interior/architectural design professionals and event directors by enabling them to add a unique and truly individual touch to their projects: from interior spaces and architectural elements in private homes through marine and aviation projects to elaborate events. Where required we can engage the skills of our specialist craftspeople or provide you with the full range of artwork and specifications needed by your contractors. Your client is at the heart of this beautiful creation, guaranteeing we capture the key elements of their lives and create an enduring legacy for the future.

Skilled Craftspeople

An extensive network of highly skilled British artisans enhances our team of experienced design, image and creative professionals. This ensures we are able to fulfil any commission, however complex, to the highest possible standard. Our craftspeople are renowned for their skills in working with gold leaf, glass engraving and etching, leatherwork, handmade papers and printing, stone, marble and granite, metalwork, joinery and ceramic decoration.

Project Management

We dedicate a project manager and design professional to work closely with our clients so that every step of Personalised™ is managed efficiently and to schedule. Whatever your project: a nursery design for a new arrival, a yacht interior or an elaborate event, the Personalised™ team guarantee inspired design, exquisite craftsmanship, close attention to detail and exceptional service.

Personalised™ for events

Personalised™ is a design concept that works equally well when planning any significant event: a wedding, coming of age, welcoming new life. Through understanding your client and capturing the key elements of their event we can support you to further enhance the occasion with a unique and personalised meaning.

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Our custom designed invitations and personal stationery are crafted from exquisite papers and decorated with precious metal blocking and embossing techniques. As we manage the complete process, from design and print to delivery, you may be assured that the tone, style and quality of our bespoke stationery perfectly complements any occasion.


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